Primary Care Medical Clinic


Primary Health Care

As a Primary Healthcare Clinic, we can offer you an ongoing relationship with a medical provider. We get to know you and your health. We listen to you and support you over time. We can provide ongoing medications and counseling for complex issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, asthma, diabetes, and depression to name a few. We can help you integrate the strengths of both conventional medicine and alternative treatments when appropriate, and help you navigate through the sometimes daunting medical system.

Wellness visits
    Women’s Health
    Immunizations (Depending upon Your Insurance)
    Sports physicals   

Weight Loss
    Smoking Cessation

Treatment for

    High blood pressure
    High Cholesterol
    Mild-Moderate Depression/Anxiety
    Thyroid Dysfunction
    Weight loss management

In clinic laboratory testing

Pregnancy testing
Rapid strep
Urinary Tract Infection


  • Prescriptions for medications and refills.
  • Referrals and communication with other providers: Physical Therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, chiropractors, Naturopaths, acupuncture, gynecologists, surgeons, and physician specialists (disease specific).

Convenience/Same Day Care

We provide quick and professional care for day to day medical issues for current clinic and non-clinic patients during regular Clinic Hours. We can usually make same-day appointments, depending on demand for the day - if we do not have any appointment openings we will refer you to your closest Urgent Care setting for evaluation and treatment of your symptoms.
Minor issues including:

 Acute illness care and evaluation
    Respiratory infections/Colds/Sore throat
    Flu Symptoms
Ear Infections
Pink Eye/Eye Infections
    Skin infections/rashes
    Allergy Symptoms 
    Bladder/Kidney infections

 Injury care 
   Minor wounds/abrasions
Insect Bites
Minor Burns
Splinter Removal
Joint sprains/Muscle strains
Suture/Staple Removal


Other Regulatory Exams


     Pregnancy Testing
Vit B12 Injections

Patients with the following conditions may be referred to another care setting:

     Severe injuries requiring sutures or X-rays
    Injuries involving sensitive areas, like eyes, face or groin 
    Puncture wounds or bites 
    Temperatures over 101 degrees 
    Potentially compromised immune systems

 Easy Access Health Care for College Students

  • Use us to augment your Student Health Center. We are close by and we have expanded hours for your convenience
  • Use us as the supportive health provider you need away from home.
  • We can help with stress, depression, and chronic conditions like allergies and asthma that require ongoing medication.
  • We provide confidential Family Planning and STD treatments.
  • We are here to help you, and to connect you to other health services when needed.
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